Wilder by Ryan Marsh

Description: Being born or lost in the woods or jungles for an extended period of time Wilder are people who learn to live in the woods and live off the land. They adapt their basic instincts giving them agility and strength in enclosed environments. Role: Either and outcast of society or an uncivil brute. Nut are more known as somewhat normal to friends and close enemies. Secondary Skills: Any Reasonable Weapon Proficiencies: A Wilder must be proficient in hand to hand combat and if wanting to clubs. A wilder must learn hand to hand seeing there is little time to make blades in the woods and jungles but will obtain a large chunk of wood to use a a club. Non weapon Proficiencies: Tracking, Direction Sense, Survival, Hunting and tracking. Suggested Herbalist, Running and Fishing

Special Benefits: Being in the woods or jungle a long time allows the wilder to gain +1 strengths and +1 speed in any circumstance outside a town or enclosed room. A wilder can survive on almost any land in by hunting and foraging. He can almost sense anyone and can not be surprised by an ambush if it is in a town. He or she will do anything they wish as long as their morals allows them

Special Hindrances: A wilder prefers not to be around people so he doesn't enter villages or towns unless he is forced to. He can become restless in a town and can not sleep after a day or so in unless it is on the street. Even on the street the Wilder can become restless and will eventually become restless and prone to insane rages if kept over a long period of time. If enclosed to long or held against his will the wilder will become eventully become distant and not eat or sleep untill need to but will try to escape every chance he can get.

Ethos: A wilder will remain netural or lawful in any aspect outside of an enclosed are but will be chaotic inside anything short of a large cave

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