Kender Magic-Users by Fuzz_Foot-Wood_Chip

There is no 'true' kender magic-user. Like it or not kenders can only develop the patience to gain minor magic abilities and become illusinists. All kender wish to become magi, and the few that acomplish this have formed their own kender conclave, The order of the blue robes. This may sound silly but, it's true. The blue robes do not call on their power from any moon or god, rather they call upon their power from the tower of high sorcery in the ruins. No one knows which,if any, god has placed their power in the ruins for the kender to draw on. All kender magic-users must be able to control themselves, and must (well, only some) pass a test. The Test is not at the tower of high sorcery, instead Kender who want to become magi go on an adventure to fight a monster and maybe go to a moon. the few kender who return (many get side tracked) get to wear the blue robes. Any who wish to become a blue robe must have these stats:

Strength: 10
: 16
: 12
: 13

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