Kender Spellweavers by Skip Furrfoot

Kender Spellweavers are just what the name implies, but what's this, a kender with magic?  If you can, I would suggest running for your life, for the day that kender cast spells is the day when you know the whole world's lost it.

Sorcerors in the Fifth Age of the Dragonlance Saga are usually expected to be of any of the other races, except for kender.  As it is, true kender in the Fifth Age just simply are not able to cast magic, they do not have the patience for
such an undertaking and just never would wish to attempt to what with how long it would take.

While true kender may never cast magic, afflicted kender have been known to access a sphere or a school in mysticism and sorcery, albeit that is only one school and one sphere.  And so there are kender with one sphere, but that would hardly be enough to consider it strangely magical for its race, and so a Kender Mystic of Sorceror would have a code of "A" in Reason or Spirit.

Being that a Kender Spellweaver would be afflicted, they would act possibly a bit more serious than even a normal afflicted kender would act like.  Learning to cast spells and such takes quite some concentration, and so it would be a strain even for afflicted kender.

A Kender Spellweaver however is able to gain a code of "A" in either Spirit (Mysticism) or in Reason (Sorcery), able to pick three schools or three spheres.  Other than that, they can't have a "B" code in the other magic using ability, so if they had an "A" in Reason, the Spellweaver wouldn't be able to have a "B" or higher in Spirit.

The Spellweaver Role

Ability Scores                        Ability Codes
  -Agility 7 max.                         -Reason "A" or
  -Dexterity 7 min.                      -Spirit "A"
  -Endurance 6 max.                   -Agility "D" max.
  -Perception 7 min.                   -Endurance "D" max. (true)
  -Reason 6 min. or                    -Endurance "C" max. (afflicted)
  -Spirit 6 min.                            -Perception "B" min.

Advantages                                                                Disadvantages
Kender spellweavers gain a trump bonus                       Spellweavers don't ever recieve trump on sleight-of-hand or
in Presence actions while around others,                        sneaky actions, due to having dealt so much time into learning
being that their strange seriousness reflects                     the arts of mysticism or sorcery.
with this bonus.                                                                                 

Quick Reference~Kender in General

Ability Scores                        Ability Codes
  -Agility 7 max.                        -Agility "D" max.
  -Dexterity 7 min.                     -Endurance "D" max. (true)
  -Endurance 6 max.                 -Endurance "C" max. (afflicted)
  -Perception 6 min. or             -Perception "B" min.
  -Presence 6 min.

Advantages                                                      Disadvantages
Handling: trump bonus for sleight-of-hand                        Short concentration, A code allowed only for
(true) of sneaky (afflicted) actions.                                   perception.

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