Merchant by Nathan

The Mercantile guild of the kender spoon of turning is obviously full of kender merchants of all different classes but soon a new breed of Kender emerged the Merchant Kender. These kender arose when the need for goods from around Krynn the was great, and the inconsistent human merchants could not handle the dangerous trip from one city to the next. The saying became "if anyone can make the journey a kender can" also the Kender Merchants became the hawker's of genuine Replica "Kender spoons of turning"

To become a kender Merchant you have to be born into the family with members in the afore mentioned guild. Also upon achieving notoriety in the guild the member will be given a quest to start a new guild in a distant land (one unfortunate soul was given the task of setting up a guild in Minotaur land), this task is usually appointed by the guild master when the member has achieved the 13th level.

The kender Merchants have the following secondary skills

  • Haggling, This skill lets the kender bargain the price of goods way above market or below respectively.
  • Proficiency of the scales, This is a great ability of manipulation of the weights, although a kender merchant would never cheat a customer outright the often "accidentally" slip a weight on the scales in their favor.

The life of a kender merchant is full of variety taking requests for certain goods and then often looking for the said goods for months or years, but their motto is a Kender Merchant always gets his/her goods.

hopefully this new class will provide hours of fun for gamers everywhere


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