Trapspringers by Aragorn of Aragorn's Dragonlance Archive

Trapspringers are masters in the art of disarming traps. They usually use somehow unusual ways to disarm them though, and most of these ways are not the best around. Trapspingers are taught the art of disarming traps by retired trapspringers at the Trapspringer Academy of Hylo. These studies last for an undetermined time, mostly until the student gets bored and decides to go test his skills on the field.

Social Ranks : The trapspringer kit does not affect the social rank of the character. Therefore normal tables are used to determine it's social rank.

2-3 Lower class
4-7 Lower middle class
8-10 Upper middle class
11-12 Upper class

Requirements: The trapspringer kit is open only to Kender handlers or thieves. Since the adept must be deft and find solutions fast, the trapspringer must have a minimum of 16 DEX and 15 INT.

Weapon Proficiencies: The trapspringer may use any weapon allowed by it's class, but usually prefer light weapons such as daggers and short swords, hoopaks, whippiks.

Nonweapon Proficiencies: Engineering, fire-building, orienteering, rope use, sculpting, stonemasonry, swimming, tailoring, reading/writing, appraising, blind-fighting, juggling, jumping, reading lips, set snares, tightrope walking, throwing

Equipment: Trapspringers favor light equipment, and are not allowed to wear any armor heavier than studded leather. They usually carry ropes, thieve's picks, flint and steel, small mirrors, all in small belt pockets to ease the transport. They do not like heavy backpacks, as they slow down and make quick movements harder.

Recommended Traits: Alertness, ambidexterity, double-jointed, keen eyesight, keen hearing, keen touch, lucky, precise memory

Benefits: Trapspringer get a 25% bonus to their Find/Remove Traps thieving skill, and 10% to Open Locks, Escape Bonds and Detect Noise.

Hinderance: Trapspringers have a passion for traps. Each time they see one, they will try to disarm it, even if it is not needed. They will often pause to study the traps' mechanics, and try to understand the way they work (only for fun, not because it's useful). Each time they see one, they will pause for 3d4 rounds to look at the trap.

Wealth: Trapspringers start with the standard amount of money allowed for his class. However, he must at all cost buy thieve's picks at the time of the character creation.

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