Champions of Taunting by Kitana Uth Matar
A group of kender who have won the National Kender Minotaur and Other Races Taunting Contest. This event is held once a year in Kendermore and the winner's names are put in the Taunting Hall of Fame, under their catagory.+ACY-nbsp+ADs- The winners are also accepted as perment members of the "The Kender Champions of Taunting". The club leader is replaced every year by the new over all taunting champion.

Kender Elementals by
Two words for you, Kender Elementals. These kenders have the ability to control the elements Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. It is a birth trate so not every kender can use these powers. Although Kender elementals are born with the gift for all elements they tend to only gain full power in 1 or 2 elements. Water kender can form waterballs, breath under water, and control tides and rain. Fire kender can make fireballs, control fire, and can't be burned. Wind kender Can control air, Cause tornadoes ect., and can float on air. Earth kender can cause earthquakes, Can bring precious gems and metals to surface, and make things grow. This is a very rare gift among kender, although other speices can have this gift.

Lavanie (Sheppard/Animal Handler) by Petri Fidlfynger
These are usually young kender that have been given the dull responsibility of watching the village or family animals. Sometimes it is the Kender's hobby. In either case the Kender can only watch the flock for so long before their wanderlust kicks in and the kender is drawn to travel. With the 'belief' (or excuse) that there lies a better pasture over the next horizon. The kender sets off with their flock. It is more common for a Lavanie Kender to leave with a flock of sheep and return with a mix of various animals at the end of the wander. The smarter animals typically find the Kender when he/she looses the animal.

Lavanie carry a staff that is similar to shepherd's crook, but refer to it as a Hoopak. They have all of the traits of a typical kender with the added interest of collecting or handling animals.

The Kender Mafia by Flop Twinkletoes
The Kender Mafia is a legion of insane topknotted horrors who roam the country striking fear into the hearts of the populace. They can be recognized by their strange names, and are known to plunder people out of their homes before they know it. This important discovery was made by...oh, wait. It was made by a dwarf. He claims that "the whole stupid nation of kender make up the Mafia!" All right guys, let's show him just how scary we really are! *impish grin*

Kender Militia by Steve Shields
This honored group is renowned throughout Kendermore. With cunning and ruthless tactics they protect the citizens of Kendermore. All of Krynn sees this group as a joke, but the kender believe their group rivals any army on Krynn. Trained in the art of stealing and hit & run onslaughts they create the largest, most effective spy network in all of Krynn(in their minds).

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