Clerics of the Great Grandfather by Rick Summon

Though kender are primarily found on Krynn, there are a few other worlds where they have settled, having traveled there by finding a planar portal or stowing away on a spelljamming ship. On one such world, the kender have flourished mainly due to the influence of a god they call "the Great Grandfather." Originally, the Great Grandfather was just a god of children; however, he immediately adopted the kender as his chosen people due to their childlike nature. With all the innocence of children, but with all the power of adults, the Great Grandfather's clerics are charged with improving the lives of children everywhere and defending their fellow kender against aggression from bigger folk.

Priests of the Great Grandfather have the following abilities:

  • They can use the spheres of All, Chaos, Charm, Creation, Healing, Necromantic (minor), Protection, and Travelers.
  • They can cast Illusion/Phantasm spells as if they were priest spells. These spells are greatly favored for their value in deceiving enemies.
  • They may use any weapon normally allowed to Handlers. They may not wear any armor heavier than studded leather. They can turn undead as standard clerics.
  • Finally, they have the granted power to *change self* (as the spell) at will. This is because the Great Grandfather realizes that many other races distrust kender as "thieves" and don't take them seriously. With this power, they can disguise themselves as local children and be totally inconspicuous.

This specialty priest was created using the material in Player's Option: Spells and Magic.

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