Violator by Lord Jivven

Desccription: The Violator is a server of justice for the kender. Little is known about these kender, except of the kender. Many of the other races do not look at kender as much more than pests so that when a grave injustice is done to them the kender that cannot do right by himself brings their problem to the Violator. It is then the Violators choice to take the quest and how to avenge the wrong.

Secondary Skills: any needed Weapon Proficiencies. : All that may be wielded by their stature. Violators tend more to the art of stealth, Thrown bladed weapons etc.. Blow dart guns, assassin style weapons.

Non-weapon proficiencies: Violators are trained for all survivals, forest,desert,sea air, they have the resources to find the needed supplies and generally have contacts in all major cities.

Spheres: At 3rd level Violators gain spell casting. But they can only learn Illusion spells and none that cause direct damage to a target. Every even level up Violators gain an additional spell of the previous level until they Max at 2 of each level to 9th level spells...i.e. 3rd lvl = 1; 1st lvl, 4th lvl = 1; 1st lvl, 5th = 1; 2nd lvl, 6th= 1; 2nd lvl and so on.

Benifits: Violators fight in hand to hand with one bladed weapon and can cast spells simultaneously with no negatives as long as one hand remains free. Also Violators have the ability to shadow walk, gain a 10% bonus per level to all thief abilities, and get a +1 to all called shots rather than a negative.

Hinderences: Yes they have hindrances. One they can never have offspring, they must remain/be virgins. They can have only two magical items, this does not include weapons,(things such as rings, scrolls, potions, wands,etc)They can wear no armor, only cloth like materials, cotton, silk etc. They can eat only what they forage or kill themselves. And last the kender Violator may carry only one pouch and it is for the scroll containing a list of his/her accomplishments.

Ethos: Violators are always chaotic neutral, they serve the Kender race and therefore are subjects of their race. They are governed only by their own decrees called the Violators Source.

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