Wanderer Paladin

Description: The Wanderer is a lonely Paladin who travels the land in search of evil. They are often friends of the common man and are of all Paladins the least arrogant and aloof. They can come from any background. To become a Wanderer, a Paladin must meet the normal requirements of a Paladin, except for his Constitution, which must be 14 or higher.

Role: Wanderers often help the weak and defenseless citizens of a society. They are not as law-bound as most paladins and can therefore allow themselves some freedom in their actions.

Secondary Skills: Any reasonable.

Weapon Proficiencies: A Wanderer must be proficient in either the Staff, the Dagger or the Knife. These weapons know many uses on the road and knowing how to use at least one is essential for a Wanderer. Many Wanderers spend two Weapon Slots to become proficient in all Polearms, as per the Complete Fighter's. This is not required, however. A Wanderer cannot specialize in a weapon.

Nonweapon Proficiencies: Bonus: Running, Direction Sense. Suggested: Tracking, Mountaineering, Local History, Herbalism, Healing, Animal Lore, Agriculture, Survival, Endurance, Fishing, Hunting.

Spheres: A Wanderer has access to the following Spheres of Influence once he can cast Spells: Travellers, Healing, Protection, Sun. If you do not have the Tome of Magic, you can substitute Travellers for Guardian.

Special Benefits: A Wanderer travels the lands on foot. To increase his speed, he can use his Running Proficiency, or he can Force March. Any penalties on Attack Rolls, etc. due to Forced March only, are halved, rounded up (so there's always a -1 penalty). When Running, a Wanderer has no penalties on the first day of Running.

The second benefit of a Wanderer is that while he is as Lawful Good as any Paladin, he only respects one authority; his religion. Therefore, he is not penalized very hard if he commits Chaotic Good actions in relation to a country's laws, e.g. if he breaks the law in service of Good and his Religion. In a Party, a Wanderer must behave himself as any Paladin.

Although a Wanderer must tithe like a normal Paladin, if he can spend his money any way he wants if there is no place where he can tithe within a day's walk that he knows of.

Special Hindrances: A Wanderer disdains steeds. He cannot learn any Riding Proficiency and cannot call for his Warhorse at 3rd level. He can acquire a Horse like a normal character, and ride it without any benefit. Although there are no penalties for Horseriding, a Wanderer would rather show his worth and go by foot. Wanderers hate the game "Elfenroads".

A Wanderer does not radiate any authority like a normal Paladin. Therefore, they cannot Turn Undead.

A Wanderer cannot keep more possessions than he can take along on his travels.

Ethos: A Wanderer is the most free of all Paladins. Although he must always further the cause of good wherever he is, he is not punished much if that involves breaking certain laws. The penalties become normal if the Wanderer breaks laws without good reason.

A Wanderer does respect one authority and one order: his religion. That he considers the true Law and Rule of the Universe.

I borrowed this Kit from Archmage's Homepage. He has a great collection of different role playing kits and accessories. I suggest checking out this homepage! This Kit was just so kender like I couldn't pass it up.

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