Knights of the Topnot by Ziv Wities

Description: This quasi-order of the Solamnic Knights was founded by the kender hero Mithfighter Daggerlock, who decided one day when he was bored that the kender needed an order of the knights. Of course, the knights wouldn't even hear of it, but that didn't stop Mith. After "appropriating" a few suits of armor from the knights, he designed an emblem for his kender knights, and dubbed the order "Knights of the Topknot." With no formal training, any kender who was interested was given a suit of armor and a short sword, and set out into the unsuspecting nearby towns. As can be imagined, this shortly caused a tremendous uproar from every living creature who even heard of the concept. As Mith had hoped, they lay responsibility with the Knights of Solamnia, who were forced to send men to train the kender and attempt to keep them in something remotely resembling order. When the Knights of the Topknot realized that they would soon have to go through actual training involving terms such as "obidience," "rules," and "responsibility," most of them left to find something more interesting to do. To the Solamnians' dismay, however, some were interested enough to stay, and these recieved training as was promised.

Roleplaying Info: The Solamnic knights, trying to keep the kenders' hands on the hilts of their weapons and out of other peoples' pockets designed the Topknots' armor so that they cannot by any means wear pouches, and they are required to only wear packs which are so large that the kender has to take it off in order to put anything in it or take anything out; thus preventing any various objects to slip into a kender's pockets. This means that a Knight of the Topknot cannot handle things unless they are specifically trying to steal something, in which case they may be able to slip it into their hands and then run. Knights of the Topknot have high fighting skills, and also recieve a bonus for taunting. (NOTE: I really don't roleplay much, I don't know AD&D and I don't know kender specifics, so the RP info is pretty vague.)

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