Dragon Breeder by Don Sidener

Kender Dragon Breeder Kender just couldn't get any Dragons to give them rides (except Tasslehoff of course!) So they decided that they should breed there own dragons. It took quite a lot of work to get dragons to want to come anywhere near kender, but they finally captured one brass dragon and one gold dragon (it's quite a long story, one which I will not go into at the moment for I fear that it will be to farfetched to believe.) Well anyway, the kender had them breed (long story) and I quite peculiar thing happened, a Yellow dragon! Well it ends up that the gods must have been out to annoy the dragons of Krynn because the dragons were exactly like Kender (GASP!) Well they certainly needed more and thats what these little guys do. They go out and get dragons with a peculiar mixture (some say dwarven spirits but the Kender strongly deny such a thing) and have them breed so that they end up with these Yellow Dragons, Nicknamed "One Big Yellow Kender with wings and a tail"

Strength: 11
Intelligence: 16 (You have to be smart to catch a dragon napping)
Wisdom: 14 (Kender cant get much more wisdom than that with out forgetting it)
Dexterity: 17 (Easy for a kender)
Charisma: 13 (To charm his way out in case the dragon wakes up surrounded by kender)

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