Seekers by Wil Maurice

Description: A Seeker is a Kender handler or a thief who "seeks" to have the most unusual items that any Kenner has ever had. Instead of normal Kender, who like whatever seems to be interesting, the Seeker is constantly looking for the things that are completely unique and rare, and will not stop until they have found a rare and unique item, which has never truly been "borrowed" before. In this manner, they are like gnomes in a Life Quest to "borrow" the ONE unborrowed item. (Good examples: the Time Travel device used by Tas in Time of the Twins, a sphere of annihilation, etc.)

Role: Seekers are like archivists, in that they wish to "preserve" oddities. Many items that Seekers find have been put on/in display in museums and libraries after the Seekers death. They have, however, a tendency to be very when they are alive, and will not part with rarities easily. In addition to the requirements for their class, Seekers must have a Int of 13 or higher.

Secondary Skills: Something like Appraiser, Jeweler.

Weapon Proficiencies: Standard for a Kender handler or a Kender thief.

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Required: Ancient History, or barring that, some sort of knowledge about the item they are seeking. (i.e. Sphere of Annihilation may need spellcraft, this of course is DM's discretion.) Recommended: Ancient Languages, Reading/Writing, any kind of merchant skills a plus.

Special Abilities: A Seeker has an chance to tell whether or not an item is rare or some sort of uncommon oddity. When encountering an object that looks like it could fall under the seekers domain, they have a 5% chance per level (up to 95%) to tell if it is an oddity or just window dressing or a fake. At fifth level, they also may use this ability to determine if the item is magical. (5% percent chance for each level starting with fifth, and up to 95%) Seekers have a +10% bonus to pick pockets when they have sighted an item of interest.

Hindrances: Like Rangers, Seekers MUST choose an unique item that they will dedicate their life in searching for. This item must be chosen by second level, or the Seeker loses all abilities of the kit. From then on, the Seeker's life becomes a quest to find this item, collecting all other rare oddities on the way. If a rumor reaches the Seeker about an object they seek, and they are in the middle of an adventure must do a Wisdom Check to stop themselves from going out and following the rumor. If for some reason that the item is destroyed, and the Seeker is aware of this, a Seeker MUST do a check against Wis to make sure that they don't become so obsessed they lose their very reason to live. If they succeed, they return as a Seeker that may choose a new item which to go questing for.

Seekers tend to turn their noses down at other Kender, so there is a -2-reaction penalty when dealing with "normal" Kenner. If trying to pick pockets for any item in which has no value to the Seeker, they incur a -10% penalty for the attempt.

Kit Created By Wil Maurice, 7/2/99

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