Gully Dwarves - The Forgotten Race by Shivam Bhatt

Gully Dwarves are among the most reviled races on Krynn. Of unknown origin (some say dwarves and gnomes, while others replace gnomes with humans), the Aghar are a dwarven subrace that has managed to eke out a meager existance wherever they can, mainly in refuse heaps and other places most civilized races would not care to touch. Due to this, they have a keen survival instinct and a foraging talent like no other. They may seem cowardly, running from most any danger, but corner a Gully and you will be in for a surprise. On the whole, though, Aghar are very stupid, with maybe 1 out of every 50 being able to count higher than 2. Nonetheless, Gullys are almost universally cheerful people.

Physical Description:
Aghar are normally 3.5-4 ft tall and average around 55 pounds. Both sexes are universally dirty and ragged, with males having scruffy beards and females long and ragged sideburns. Hair color ranges from dirty blond to rust brown to dull black. Due to squallid living conditions, most Aghar have scars, blemishes, boils and other malformities. Pot bellies and networks of wrinkles are common after age 25, and most Aghar barely live past 55.

The poor Aghar are despised or pitied by most races. Sometimes humans take Gully Dwarves on as cheap labor, but normally, they are downtrodden by every race. Kender are, of course, the only exception to this as kender can't find it in them to hate any race, really.

Usually Chaotic, normally not evil though.

Aghar Lands:
Aghar generally have a clan structure, with around 50-70 members all living in ramshackle huts or hovels. Generally the leader of the clan is called the High(clan name), ie HighBulp, Highgulph, etc. There is also usually one exceptionally intelligent Aghar (who can count to 3) that serves as High Shaman or Priestess. The largest concentrations of Aghar are in Thorbardin, Xak Tsaroth, and a Citadel that crashed near the outskirts of Palanthas sometime during the Blue Lady War (also known as The War of the Twins). There are no Aghar on Taladas.

Aghar Religion is different from most races on Krynn. Due to their unusual style of living, gullys believe that Reorx of the Forge abandoned them, and as such, are very bitter about him and his clergy. Gully Dwarves therefore appeal to the spirits of departed ancestors to protect them from harm and ensure their survival. Part of this belief involves a universally held notion that inanimate objects hold immense power of these spirits, and possesion of them grants power to the wielder. Most of these items are completely ordinary and oft times trash. Not just any item can be a relic, however, and Aghar Shamans and Priestesses have been known to stare at old bones, or dried lizards or other random objects for long periods of time before declaring that they are holy relics. Other races consider this proof of Aghar stupidity. Aghar consider this proof of true faith.

Gullys speak a pidgen tounge known as gullytalk. This is a constantly shifting language which borrows words from whatever main language is nearby, so Gullys in Thorbardin have dwarven slang, while gullys in Palanthas get Solamnic influences. No two regions have the same gully talk, but all gully dwarves can communicate by just inventing a new dialect on the spot. Non-Aghar must use magic to try to understand it. Gullys also speak common.

Gully Names generally follow no real pattern, save that they be two syllables or less and easy to remember.
Male names: Phlunk, Bron, Sledge, Bodunk, Phudge, Denk
Female Names: Bupu, Soto, Leeda, Fenny, Hesta
Clan Names: Bulp, Gulph, Fron, Sleg

Adventurers: Aghar generally adventure because they have nothing better to do. Some Gullys like to travel to find a new This Place for their clan home.

Aghar Racial Traits

+2 Dex, +2 Con, -4 Int, -2 Cha
This is to reflect the Aghar's squallid living conditions, constant malnutrition, lack of grace, charm, or wit. (As an alternitive, the Player may wish to roll 4d4 instead of the usual 4d6 spread.)

Small Sized:
As Small sized creatures, Aghar gain +1 size bonus to AC, +1 size bonus to attack rolls, and +4 size bonus to all hide checks, but they must use small sized weapons and their lifting and carrying limits are 3/4ths those of medium sized creatures.

Aghar Base speed is 20 ft.

Aghar can see in the Dark up to 60 feet.

+2 Racial bonuses to climb, hide, and tumble checks. Aghar are Survivalists.

+2 racial bonus on saves vs. Poisons. Aghar are a hardy race that eat anything they can find, and as such have built up a tolerance for poison.

+4 racial bonus on Spot checks when looking for edibles. Aghar can find food anywhere in any circumstances.

Automatic Languages:
Common, Gullytalk. Gullys are most often illiterate.

As a racial bonus from their years of survival and slavery, all Gully Dwarves get the Dodge feat as a free bonus.

Favored Class
Rogue. A multiclass Aghar's rogue class does not count when determining whether he suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing. Aghar do not have the discipline for a spellcasting class, and therefore cannot become spellcasters. Due to intelligence penalties, most Aghar don't have many skills, but generally focus on survivalistic skills. Other Gullys are generally Commoners or Warriors.

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