Kipper SnifferdooIntroduction to the Kender Race

Kender have been called thieves since their creation by the Grey Gem or even before that magical stone which embodied the spirit of Chaos, and altered gnomes (and elves) into a new race. This new race was different than any other race on the face of Krynn. They had been inflicted with an immunity to fear, a strong curiosity, a inability to become magicians, and wanderlust, which inevitably caused other races to form a misunderstood annoyance with this relatively friendly race. Kender etiquette was a trait best learned by some races in order to get along with this emotional and sensitive race.

As mentioned above, kender are best known for their thief-like abilities, but much like a knight, being called a thief is a base insult. Even the mention of such a thing could cause the kender to unleash a flurry of insults back at the accuser. And though they never lie they have been know to be quite the Tale Spinners.Through out their history no kender thief has ever been known to exist. The problem therefore lies in the fact that kender find things that aren't theirs, and discover "lost" items, but they NEVER steal. Kender are not curious to find out what is in your pouch because they want to take your possessions, but because they just have a basic "need to know". Then they can become so enthralled with what ever it is that they forget to return it. So, they simply slip it into a pouch so it can be returned later...that is if they remember they have it. Sometimes this intense curiosity can usually get a kender into a lot of trouble. It might even get them killed. Kender are experts at picking locks, just ask any locksmith, and they usually try to get into anything they can.

Ansalon has two major Kender cities. The most famous was Kendermore. Unfortunately it was destroyed, and the kender survivors had to move to their sister city Hylo. As you can probably imagine kender cities are not quite the same as human settlements. Their are many more holidays and not much of a government. Kender moots, parades, and the ever popular Kender Toss are daily events. Not to mention the regular Kender Holidays for everything from lightning bugs to great Kender heroes like Uncle Trapspringer. Kender also dwell in nomadic tribes and tree villages through out Ansalon.


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