The Kencyclopedia

Third Edition Kender Handbook

The definitive resource for roleplaying kender in your DragonLance Campaign, the Kencyclopedia is a collection of all things kender. This book includes racial stats for seven different type of kender, new kender prestige classes, new kender monsters, kender magic items, articles on roleplaying kender effectively and oodles of detailed information on EVERYTHING kender.

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Chapter 1: Find out just what kender are and sit back and listen to the tale of their origin.
Chapter 2: Learn all about the kender lifestyle, including detailed information on kender justice, holidays, kender at war and kender class and station.
Chapter 3: Get third edition racial stats to play seven different races of kender, including the kender of the mysterious third continent of Krynn!
Chapter 4: Learn all about the cities and villages where kender dwell and explore their extensive histories.
Chapter 5: Can kender be Wizards? Rangers? Monks? Find out with detailed descriptions concerning kender and their player classes.
Chapter 6: Select from seven new kender prestige classes, including The Disciple of Fizban and the Knights of Hylo.
Chapter 7: Articles on How to Play a Kender, How to Handle Handling, Kender Weapons and Kender Feats.
Chapter 8: Seven new kender creatures from Goatsuckers to Kender Vampires.
Chapter 9: Kender magic items of all types and sizes.

Kotterpin Nimblefoot - Submitted on 30-Mar-2005
Great book. I use it for reference when roleplaying my Kender online. The grammar are mistakes are there, but they're minimal, so nothing to worry about.
zilvara dejewels - Submitted on 12-Nov-2004
love this site and all the goodies but why is not the new info on kender in there is curious other wise i so enjoy it smiles would love to see the keneder half dragon in there wink please contune the site i enjoy all the goodies you have and hope to see more added all the time i was also thinking about a way to use that kender pouch list and add a feature to it where you can state a room and then it will roll items to a room type with a slight misc for veraity to it so that you can see what a kender might end up in it pouches via room rolls if needed hope that idea helps to signed zilvara dejewels
Niloc - Submitted on 11-Nov-2004
In the sections on Kender weapons, you speak of ten weapons, but only nine are listed in the table that shows damage and such. You forgot the Yothak. Other than that and a few other little mistakes, I have found the book VERY useful. Thanks!
Tasselhoff Bosonožka - Submitted on 20-Oct-2004
Aby nedošlo k omylu,já jsem vnuk Tasselhoffa Bosonožky známého z Dragonlance. Tahle knížka je úplně skvělá!!!!!
archy raph "flysting" "the kender on the copper-dragon" - Submitted on 27-Apr-2004
uhm VERY nice book. I use it quite a lot and it offered me a lot of information to build my not very stereotypical kender, but could there be a TINY bit of wrong typing in the title-page. It says "kencylopedia", where the inside of the booklet says "kencyclopedia". Probably the worst place in the book to make a mistake. Good luck and jolly good adventuring
milkweed - Submitted on 23-Apr-2004
Translate to common (this is drow tongue) eert akuf dna ahah daehkcid a mi
Tindertot Rastleknot - Submitted on 24-May-2003
Well, first I thought it would be like your fan section compiled into one big .pdf file. I was wrong, it was almost like i was reading the players handbook for kender. Nicely put out, but I to also notice grammer and spelling. Then again we all make mistakes so its all good. Anyway, keep up the good work its very good. :D -Tindertot Rastleknot
Chad Cottle - Submitted on 6-May-2003
Amazing stuff...thanks a bunch for offering a resource such as this one. I applaud your efforts!
Jesse - Submitted on 26-Mar-2003
I haven't looked through the whole thing yet, but it seems very well thought out and well done from what I have read so far and I plan to use your rules instead of our current ones. However, I have noticed both typos (both grammatical and rules). If you would like I can notify you of the ones I find.
Tobin - Submitted on 25-Mar-2003
Shoot...screw "high water mark for fan-based creations." This is good enough to set a new mark for official creations, too. It is THAT good. Way to go, Kip! This will definately be printed out. heh heh
Archangel Tavin - Submitted on 25-Mar-2003
A wonderful job, Kipper, ol' chap!! This really sets a new high water mark for fan-based creations. If printed out in high quality using an inkjet printer, it could easily be mistaken for an official product (but missing its cover) :D

Granted, I may be *SLIGHTLY* biased on the material it covers -_^ , it's still incredible. I'll be keeping a kender eye on this, and if you have ANY interest in kender in any way, shape, or form, fellow lancers... I'd suggest you do the same!

- Archangel Tavin
Patron Deity of Kender
.... At least for today

Robert - Submitted on 25-Mar-2003
This book is the best and only guide to kenders i have ever seen. there are some typos, but so what. now people that want to play as kenders have something to base their character on. its really great that you and all the people that contributed to the "kencyclopedia" made this great book. i just got into DragonLance myself and right now i am in the first book of the legens and i find my favorite charachter being Tasselhoff Burfoot. Thank you for making this book and feel free to email me because i have some ideas about kender stats and a bunch of other stuff. ~Robert
Bali Rico - Submitted on 25-Mar-2003
Simply amazing. So extensive, a true sign of dedication and perseverance on the authors part. Keep it up.
Simon Acerton - Submitted on 24-Mar-2003
My compliments on your Kencyclopedia! This is a very well done and professional looking piece that should be of interest for all Kender players and DM's
Histerbriff Woodspoon - Submitted on 24-Mar-2003
I love it! everything about it!
Kai Rode - Submitted on 23-Mar-2003
This is easily the best gaming material ever produced for (A)D&D Dragonlance. Great work!
Weldon Chen - Submitted on 23-Mar-2003
The kender book is completely stunning.
Sir Giollamhuire Sares Kanoff uth Wellin - Submitted on 23-Mar-2003
Dear Wandering Friend,

I have enjoyed traveling the world of Krynn for many years. Though I am not a Kender, I find that I do enjoy their company and appreciate the wild and crazy ideas that they come up with (not to mention side adventures...). In any case, as you might know, the world is a crazy place with war abound. I belong to the Solamnian Dragon Force (mainly we fly overhead and drop large Gnomish bombs on desert regions). Regardless of whether or not I agree with our current fight, I was told to defend Solamnia, my home, and will without question. Sadly, I was forced to leave behind all my books and stories from many of my Kender friends. One day, while looking onto my Gnomish World Wide Tangle, I found your new handbook. I must say, it is quite impressive, and truely will be something to help pass the days. I thank you for this piece of home, and do hope your life will be filled with many interesting things. My time is short, so thank you.

Always, Sir Giollamhuire Sares Kanoff uth Wellin, Knight of the Rose

"May your Sword (Or hoopak) always strike true..."

Lockpick Swiftfoot - Submitted on 22-Mar-2003
Amazing! There's finally a complete source for kender statistics, culture, classes, ect.
Dave the Brave - Submitted on 21-Mar-2003
The Kencyclopedia PDF is an amazing show of dedication to the best race on the face of Krynn. Kudos and extra thanks for this awesome free book! I seriously hope you get considered as a writer for the new 3e stuff. Do you know if Margaret Weis has seen this stuff yet? If not, she should.
Orange_Day - Submitted on 21-Mar-2003
Great thing! only one thing is missing... the rules for 2nd edition adnd. alot of players (including me) play the 2nd edition and it will be great if you will add it to the book!

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