Kethral Lumpeaded Squid

by Lumpy Bizkits
 Climate/Terrain: Any Water
 Frequency: Very Rare (4% chance)
 Organization: Hive
 Activity Cycle: Night
 Diet: Omnivore
 Intelligence: Godlike Intelligence (21+)
 Treasure: 6d12 gems, 12000 gp, 8473 sp
 Alignment: Neutral Evil

 No. Appearing: 4
 Armor Class: -8
 Movement: 72'
 Hit Dice: 8d20+52 (198hp)
 THAC0: 12
 No. of Attacks: 8
 Damage/Attack: 1-20 per tentacle
 Special Attack: grapple
 Special Defences: ink
 Magic Resistance: none
 Size: huge
 Morale: what?
 XP Value: 20,000xp
General Introduction: Unlike most squid these are more aggresive, and extremely hostile. Very protective of their terroritory, very quick to label threats. These creatures have a very distinctive Gold/Green line down the center of their bodies followed by a dark blue almost black coloration to the rest of its body. Their eyes are the most haunting incandesent shade of Red on all of the planes. Their plane of origin is the Shadow Plane.

Combat: Anything within 100 feet of them or their water will regret it...They start by projecting a line of ink and then will proceed to grapple you and then slowly allow the air to escape your lungs as they drag you to their hives deep below the surface.

Habitat/Society: They are a very organized for their spieces and the hive will move stratigectly to kill its attacker with in a matter of seconds. They are not very kind to strangers or members of opposing sides, rarely will you see two hives in full-fleged combat but rather a ignorance of the opponets. Their habitate is very cold and unforgiving to forgieners, many rockslides will occur during a few seconds of a unatureal body entering the premises though the foriener will probably be killed by the squid. Note: rockslides make homes for the squid hives.

Ecology: They eat anything that threatens them or their homes... ie: many ships will be attacked and sunk just for passing over their homes....

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