The Great One

by Peregrin Lighttongue
 Climate/Terrain: Subterranean
 Frequency: Very Rare (4% chance)
 Organization: Individual
 Activity Cycle: Any
 Diet: Omnivore
 Intelligence: Godlike Intelligence (21+)
 Treasure: inapplicable
 Alignment: Neutral Good

 No. Appearing: 1
 Armor Class: -10
 Movement: 0
 Hit Dice: inapplicable
 THAC0: inapplicable
 No. of Attacks: inapplicable
 Damage/Attack: inapplicable
 Special Attack: The Great Spore Cloud
 Special Defences: The Great Spore Cloud
 Magic Resistance: 100% to all magic
 Size: Gargantuan (approx. 200 ft around)
 Morale: God-Like
 XP Value: 1,000,000,000
General Introduction: The Great One is the God of the Mushru people. It is said to be the father of all fungi, and the nexus of the Arcane Knowledge. The Mushru revere The Great One with their very lives, and it in turn protects them.

Combat: The Great One never fights. It never has to. The Mushru will never raise arms against it. If any other races happen to find the The Great One, then it will release The Great Spore Cloud. The Great Spore Cloud has magical capablities, including transportation of the offending creature and memory erasure. There is no save against The Great Spore Cloud, it will take effect on everything it is used against. This assures that The Great One will never be destroyed.

Habitat/Society: The Great One lives in the farthest depths of the Subterrainian world. The Mushru revere it, and guard it with their lives. It lives off of magic from deep within the earth, and is said to have been a major factor in the origins of the world.

Ecology: The Great One appears as a giant 200ft mushroom, glowing with the radiance of the heavens. It also can produce a spore that will become what is called an Avatar, sort of the Mushru equivalent of an angel. It does this every few eaons, or when a major crisis occurs among the Mushru society. All Mushru, as well as all fungi, are connected to The Great One, and It looks out for all of It's creations. Gender and Age do not apply to The Great One, for it is an eternal entity, beyond the comprehension of all.

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