Mushru Warrior

by Peregrin Lighttongue
 Climate/Terrain: Forest
 Frequency: Rare (11% chance)
 Organization: Military
 Activity Cycle: Any
 Diet: Omnivore
 Intelligence: Exceptionally Intelligent (15-16)
 Treasure: varies
 Alignment: Neutral Good

 No. Appearing: 1-30
 Armor Class: 3
 Movement: 5
 Hit Dice: 8
 THAC0: 12
 No. of Attacks: 1
 Damage/Attack: weapon+3
 Special Attack: Spore Cloud/Berserker
 Special Defences: Spore Cloud/Cap shield
 Magic Resistance: 80% against sleep and charm
 Size: approx. 7 ft. tall
 Morale: Fanatic
 XP Value: 1000
General Introduction: The Mushru have amongst their ranks an extremely efficient and disciplined Warrior class. The Mushru Warriors are the guardians of the Mushru society, and the protectors of The Great One.

Combat: The Mushru Warriors train all their lives to become efficient fighters. They fight in the style of dwarves and men, using almost exclusively axes and swords. They use the weapons of the Mushru people (see Mushru), and many possess some of the more powerful of the Mushru weapons. In addition to the Spore Cloud that all Mushru have, the Mushru Warriors also have the ability to go Berzerk. On a successful d4 roll (3 or 4), their armour class goes down by one point, and they gain +4 to hit and to damage. Effects from damage do not take effect when in this state, however, they immediately take effect when the battle is over. Mushru Warriors also use special Cap Shields, which are grown from a special mushroom. They give the Mushru an effective bonus of 5 in AC, but must be replaced every so often. Fortunately, these mushrooms grow quick, so a Mushru Warrior never has to worry about running out of armour for long periods of time.

Habitat/Society: Mushru Warriors live in military units known as Clusters. There is always a Sergeant, who has 9 hit dice, and the Warriors, who are at 8 hit dice. Once every 20 years, a General is picked out to lead all the Clusters. He holds an appointed position among the Gathering, yet he will usually leave major decisions to the elected officials.

Ecology: Mushru Warriors are always male, not due to class restrictions within Mushru society, but simply because females can not physically do so. Males are the only ones to be able to harden their skins, and even then, very few are willing to take the Trials of the Fight, a religious ceremony held at the pilgrimage to The Great One. The Mushru Warriors are truly an elite group.

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