by Peregrin Lighttongue
 Climate/Terrain: Forest
 Frequency: Rare (11% chance)
 Organization: Community
 Activity Cycle: Any
 Diet: Omnivore
 Intelligence: Very Intelligent (11-12)
 Treasure: varies
 Alignment: Neutral Good

 No. Appearing: 1-500
 Armor Class: 7
 Movement: 5
 Hit Dice: 2
 THAC0: 19
 No. of Attacks: 1
 Damage/Attack: varies per weapon
 Special Attack: Spore Cloud
 Special Defences: Spore Cloud
 Magic Resistance: 80% against sleep and charm
 Size: man-sized (approx.5 ft)
 Morale: normal
 XP Value: 500
General Introduction: The Mushru are a race of intelligent mushroom-men. They originated in subterranean enviroments, but have since found deep forests to be more to their liking. They are for the most part a peaceful race, who are content raising their mushroom crops without interference.

Combat: The Mushru are a peaceful race, but that does not mean they do not raise arms. They are more than willing to fight to preserve their way of life. The Mushru use weapons that resemble normal weapons, save that they are made of wood and mushroom materials. They are magical in nature, giving the weapon +2 for hit and damage, and one of these effects, based on a d3 roll: 1.) The wielder gains limited plant control 2.) The wielder gains regeneration of 1 hit point per turn, or 3.)The weapon releases poisons into the enemy. The weapon can reproduce and grow itself anew. More powerful Mushru weapons are said to exist, but these are really hard to find. The Mushru also have a special attack called the Spore Cloud. They release a cloud of spores that confuses the enemy if they fail save vs. breath weapon. The enemy will stumble around in confusion, lose all orientation, and will not be able to attack or defend itself. This is used most often as a defense mechanism, although more aggressive individuals will use it for attack.

Habitat/Society: The Mushru live in vast cities deep within dense forests of all types, where damp and dark conditions, along with plenty of decomposing material, leave ideal ground for growing their mushrooms. Mushrooms are the main source of food for the Mushru, although they enjoy other items. The Mushru mushrooms are also a high demand trade item, with many different varieties. Some are rumoured to be a panacae, others are said to be the most delicious food ever, while others have hallucinogenic effects. Mushru society is based on a republic form of government. The leaders are voted on by the people, and stay in office for ten years. They gather in a meeting called The Gathering, which is a form of senate and court, where laws and rulings are made. They are generally fair in the proceedings, and there has never been a report of injustice or cruelty among any Mushru governing body. The Mushru religion is devoted to a deity called the Great One. The Great One is supposed to be a giant, omnicient mushroom living deep within subterranean confines known only to the Mushru. Every five years, the Mushru make a pilgrimage to the Great One, however, no one as ever seen what they do there.

Ecology: The Mushru are physically an unusual species. They reproduce by spores, which all Mushru possess. All Mushru have both male and female spores, however, males have a much higher concentration of male spores, and vice versa. Spores are also a means of communication, acting as sort of a psychic link to other mushru and other species. To a non-mushru, this mind-speak may seem at first disturbing, but at this point the mushru will vocalize, a low, gutteral, incomprehensable strain of babble with occasional squeaks. It is hard to imagine that they are actually speaking the common tongue, or any other tongue. They understand Common, Elven, Dwarven, Undercommon, Goblin, Orc, animal speech, and plant speech. If they do not know a language, chances are they can pick it up quick. The spore-link they use to communicate will appear in a person's mind as their native or most commonly used tongue. The Mushru also have a language, yet only they are capable of learning it, even the most learned of scholars are dumbfounded by the Mushru tongue. Mushru live for approximately 1000 years. For the first 100 years, they are known as buttoncaps, the infant to juvenile stage of a Mushru. After that, they live for 800 years as Adults, known simply as Mushru. For the last 100 years of life, they are Oldcaps. Buttoncaps are said to be cute and cuddly, whereas Oldcaps are wrinkled and grey, and very dry-looking. Mushru stand about 5 ft tall. They are usually plumpish in stature, yet they are extremely light. They range in color from grey to white, with caps ranging from dull grey to bright red with white spots. They have one less digit on their hands than do humans, and their feet appear more as stumps with three large toes. Their skin appears soft, yet it is actually quite tough, especially the caps.

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