Whiffle Mice - Furred Kender

by Skip Furrfoot
 Climate/Terrain: Any
 Frequency: Uncommon (20% chance)
 Organization: Clan
 Activity Cycle: Day
 Diet: Omnivore
 Intelligence: Highly Intelligent (13-14)
 Treasure: A
 Alignment: Neutral

 No. Appearing: 2-8
 Armor Class: 7(10)
 Movement: 7(11)
 Hit Dice: 1-6 hit points
 THAC0: 20
 No. of Attacks: 2
 Damage/Attack: 1-6(weapon)
 Special Attack: +2 with slings
 Special Defences: See below
 Magic Resistance: 5%
 Size: S(3')
 Morale: Unsteady (5-7)
 XP Value: 25
General Introduction: The whiffle mice are, in short, an oddity amongst the peoples of Krynn. If you can, picture a furred kender with many mouse-like attributes. Only then can you see a whiffle mouse as it truly is. A general whiffle kender, or mouse as it is, would look something like this. A long tail hangs out behind them, often twitching and swishing from side to side. Two ears stick out from the top of their heads, and their noses tend to be slightly mouse-like, obviously. Their hands tend to be more paw-like, similar to a mouse's, and are thin when compared to a normal kender's hands. The whiffle mice, or kender as it is, are furry all over, and look like a cross between a mouse and kender. They can be downright cute at times, honest. ;)

Combat: Theirs is a peaceful race, but moreso peaceful because of their timidness. As far as fighting goes, they avoid it when possible. Although when backed into a corner, they'll do as needed. Often they employ nets, traps, slings, staves, and other non- blood letting weapons. Cudgels are also used, but not as much as other items, such as some classic kender weapons. Not all use the hoopak, whippik, and other various kender weapons, but they are seen amongst the whiffle mice. However, they are proficient with slings, very much so. They gain a +2 to using them, and also are skilled in setting traps. Most furred kender don't tend to wear armour, but those that do, wear leather. They don't deal with any metal protection, but prefer to use wooden and leather shields, or anything else that they can make use of in the hills, woods, or other natural areas in the world of Krynn. When they engage in combat, they tend to do so on their terms. Attempting to ambush or surprise a furred kender in their natural habitat is rolled at a -4, while this kender offshoot gain the opposite when attempting to surprise. They roll a +4 in that attempt. Also, they gain no bonus to their saving throws, as normal kender do. The reason being their magical creation during the Third Dragon War, as an enchanted item went wrong as some kender near the Kenderwoods were tinkering with it. So suffice to say, that's why.

Habitat/Society: The furred kender are a very timid, and peaceful race. Much like mice. They tend to live either in forests or hills, depending on the area. One most certainly won't catch them in arctic or humid climates, as they dislike those. It doesn't help with the fur either, the heat that is. =) Within Whiffle Mice communities, you'll usually spot around 40-100 of the little critters about. For every 50 of them, you'll tend to find three 2nd level fighters, two 3rd level priests, and a single druid of the clan, ranging from 1st to 5th level.

Ecology: Furred kender tend to survive on the same fare as their cousins do, so there really isn't much to say. They do enjoy the pheasant here and there, greens off the land and their farming, and other fruits and growth from the ground.

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