by Matt Lubby
 Climate/Terrain: Any
 Frequency: Uncommon (20% chance)
 Organization: Military
 Activity Cycle: Any
 Diet: Omnivore
 Intelligence: Animal Intelligence (1)
 Treasure: None
 Alignment: Chaotic Evil

 No. Appearing: 20-200
 Armor Class: 10
 Movement: 5(30)
 Hit Dice: 8+2
 THAC0: 15
 No. of Attacks: 1
 Damage/Attack: 2d10
 Special Attack: none
 Special Defences: none
 Magic Resistance: none
 Size: about 12 feet long, from nose to tail, 6 feet high
 Morale: Infinite
 XP Value:
General Introduction: An aedolop is a large armadillo- like creature. They travel in enourmous packs, more like a militaristic hive. As mentioned above, there is a gigantic "queen", which, like bees, controls them all.

Combat: They fight like a hive. They either surround an enemy and trample them, or come at them in a straight line...and trample them.

Habitat/Society: This is where the armadillo part comes in. They dig huge netwworks of tunnels under any terrain that's diggable with their massive, sharpened forepaws, with a central circular room for the 21+ intelligence queem to transmit waves of control, orders, and the likeness.

Ecology: Ehh, well, the hive is divided into two equal parts, with a third, much smaller part. The two equal parts are workers and fighters. The workers being the ones that build the tunnels and mantain them, being much smaller, and the fighters, being the largest of the males, leaving home and taking land from plantlife and other animals to habitate. And then there is the smallest, the "royalty". This consists of the queen, and a small group of a dozen "studs" that mate with the queen, and alternate between having worker and soldier. The studs only die when the queen does, and only sleep, eat, and...mate.

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