by Herpansil Lockbraker
 Climate/Terrain: Elemental Plane
 Frequency: Rare (11% chance)
 Organization: Military
 Activity Cycle: Night
 Diet: Carnivore
 Intelligence: Godlike Intelligence (21+)
 Treasure: Dragon like treasure
 Alignment: Chaotic Evil

 No. Appearing: 6-8
 Armor Class: 27
 Movement: 30(Flying)
 Hit Dice: 21 HD
 THAC0: 17
 No. of Attacks: 4
 Damage/Attack: 10-50 4d20
 Special Attack: Fire Breath
 Special Defences: Dragon like Hide
 Magic Resistance: All
 Size: Tiny to Small
 Morale: Perfect
 XP Value: 850
General Introduction: Almost the same as a normal dragon but lack the size and the strength of a dragon.

Combat: Dragonnius attack savagely but they can kill a large group of almost any creature quickly.

Habitat/Society: They really just live like mean kender.

Ecology: They love to eat cats and they hate seeing elves and they kill centaur as a sport.

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