by Locktop Pickswitcher
 Climate/Terrain: Forest
 Frequency: Uncommon (20% chance)
 Organization: Solitary
 Activity Cycle: Night
 Diet: Carnivore
 Intelligence: Very Intelligent (11-12)
 Treasure: Magical
 Alignment: Neutral Evil

 No. Appearing: 1
 Armor Class: 13
 Movement: 30 ft
 Hit Dice: 4d8(32hp)
 THAC0: Huh?
 No. of Attacks: 2
 Damage/Attack: Bite 2d8+2/ Claws 1d8+3
 Special Attack: Paralysis, Spells
 Special Defences: Fearless
 Magic Resistance: 20%
 Size: Medium
 Morale: God-like
 XP Value: 800-1500
General Introduction: Vrakshas are pale, thin humanoids who generally live in the dark outskirts of Qualinesti. They are very solitary and only come out during the night. Travelers, merchants, and adventurers beware these creatures and their nasty bite. Some believe that they came into inexistence some time near that of the elves but the elves hastly deny this. Usually, the elves make the mistake of calling them myths and do not bother about worrying of them. Vrashas are average height and look a lot like elves(some also say that they are related to elves, which they hastly deny again). They have extremely pale skin due to lack of sun and can see three times that of an elf in dark places. Their hair is always black and their eyes bright green.

Combat: Vrakshas fight fiercly, never retreating and fighting till the end. They are fearless. They have a nasty bite which can temporarily paralize a person for 1d4 hours. The paralysis is healed like a regular paralysis. Vrakshas can also cast up to 5th level spells. They can cast 7/5/3/3/2 spells per day. Some carry weapons(regular rules apply to those) on which they get a +3(Str).

Habitat/Society: They are solitary and stay away from as many people as possible, unless hungry. They are carnivoristic and usually feed off unsuspecting animals but won't pass up a fat dwarf or human.

Ecology: They do not attack ogres, goblins, hobgoblins, draconians, or anything like that. They find them sick and their skin tough.

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