by Andy Widefoot
 Climate/Terrain: Forest
 Frequency: Very Rare (4% chance)
 Organization: Community
 Activity Cycle: Day
 Diet: Herbivore
 Intelligence: Genius (17-18)
 Treasure: none
 Alignment: Lawful Good

 No. Appearing: 1
 Armor Class: 1
 Movement: 120
 Hit Dice: 8d8
 THAC0: What's a THACO?
 No. of Attacks: 4
 Damage/Attack: 2d8
 Special Attack: Stomp, Branch Whip
 Special Defences: None, doesn't need them
 Magic Resistance: 50% (weak to fire and lightning)
 Size: 12 to 20 feet tall
 Morale: 20
 XP Value: 20 000
General Introduction: Ents are trees that have been awakened to intelligent lif by magic. They have many tree-like features, such as bark-like skin and tough, woody flesh that is extremely resistant to blades and missiles. This same woody flesh, however, makes the Ents suseptible to fire and lightning. Ents usually live alone and build several living areas, which are made with rock and living trees and always have a stream running through them.

Combat: Ents don't like to fight, but when they are aroused, they lash out with their branch-like arms and large feet. A furious Ent is a frightful sight, and there are stories about Ents joining together and tearing down solid stone walls to get to an enemy inside.

Habitat/Society: Ents usually live alone, but there are always a few in an area. When there is a threat, Ents from all over will gather together in an Entmoot to discuss what they should do.

Ecology: Ents are very slow, patient creatures. They always think about things for a very long time, somtimes for months, before they act. They speak a language with long, slowly pronounced words that sound like deep singing. This language is so complicated, with a mulitude of vowel shades and consonant sounds, that the most learned loremasters have not even attempted to represent it in writing, nor can any of us "hasty" creatures even learn this language. Ents, however, are quick learning, and they never forget something they've been taught.

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