by Treshin Fingerpick
 Climate/Terrain: Any
 Frequency: Very Rare (4% chance)
 Organization: Solitary
 Activity Cycle: Any
 Diet: Herbivore
 Intelligence: Low Intelligence (5-7)
 Treasure: none
 Alignment: Neutral

 No. Appearing: 1 (Unique)
 Armor Class: 14 (base 10, +1 size, +3 dex)
 Movement: 60' flying, 15' on land
 Hit Dice: 2 hp
 THAC0: 20
 No. of Attacks: 3
 Damage/Attack: 1
 Special Attack: Taunt
 Special Defences: Fly away
 Magic Resistance:
 Size: small
 Morale: 15
 XP Value: CR 1/8
General Introduction: Honk is a trained goose. More intelligent than most of his kind, as I have spent a long time training him. I found him as a hatchling, who's mother had lost him somehow. Don't worry, I found him, and he was quite happy with me. Anyway, to continue, he is a very noble bird, and makes a wonderful scout. He also has an affinity for turnips and raddishes (which are my favorite too =), and will *honk on command* for them when I tease him by dangling them by his beak. He lives with Roerx now, but every once in awhile, the forge guy will send a mage to take him for a walk.

Combat: Honk flies high above the landscape of Ansalan. When he spots a threat, he can either use his famous "eye peck", which though only causing 1 point of damage, gives a -2 to hit for the next two rounds (Though he would only do this in the most dire circumstances). His most common manner of dealing with enemies is to land 100' or so feet away, and honk and hiss repeatedly. This tactic is has the same effect as a kender's taunt ability (-5 to all saves vs this taunt, as we all know how annoying a goose can be; hehe). He will then fly low, and lead the enemies to an area where the pc's have either set up a trap, or are waiting to ambush said enemies. He communicates with touch and crude noise gestures, much like a dog does.

Habitat/Society: He lives a happy life with Reorx. He runs around the forge making mischief, and generally annoying all around, but he is too cute to get rid of. Again, on occasion he is sent to the mortal realms with a gaurdian, usaully to visit with me, but on occasion to offer assistance to a party in need, by distracting enemies, and luring them away from the party.


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