by Thistle Nimblefoot
 Climate/Terrain: Tropical Waters
 Frequency: Very Rare (4% chance)
 Organization: Flock
 Activity Cycle: Any
 Diet: Omnivore
 Intelligence: Highly Intelligent (13-14)
 Treasure: Tons of Gems
 Alignment: Neutral

 No. Appearing: 1-25
 Armor Class: 9
 Movement: 18
 Hit Dice: 1
 THAC0: 19
 No. of Attacks: 1-2
 Damage/Attack: 1-5
 Special Attack: Stinger and electric shock
 Special Defences: Electric Field
 Magic Resistance: 10% against electricity spells
 Size: tiny to small
 Morale: 20
 XP Value: 500
General Introduction: Sphlinkitzes are jellyfish-like organisms that live in the seas near Kendermore. They are mostly made of water, but still have intelligence, as the magic instilled in them allows them to have brains. They range in color from red to a greenish-purple.

Combat: With their innate magic, sphlinkitzes use their tentacles to conduct electricity. This gives them a shocking grasp sort of spell-effect. Added to regular damage, it can be quite deadly. they can also opt to use their poisonous stingers, which gives of a relatively harmless poison which lowers dexterity temporarily 20%. they generally do not flee from battle, but will not always pursue an enemy.

Habitat/Society: Sphlinkitzes live in flocks that can be any size, from about five to five hundred. They communicate through telepathy and do not fight among each other. Their treasure is hidden in an odd way. Due to their gelatinous nature, Sphlinkitzes place gems and gold inside their bodies to keep them safe. Higher-ranking officials have bigger and more beautiful gems in their bodies. They will not attack unless provoked.

Ecology: Sphlinkitz body fluid can be used in elixirs and can fetch a very high price in alchemist's shops if you sell them. The tentacles are an exotic delicacy that you can also make big moolah off of. The mucusy outside of a sphlinkitz can generate and conduct electricity if it is rubbed on metal.

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