by Moonwik Windwillow
 Climate/Terrain: River Banks
 Frequency: Common (65% chance)
 Organization: Individual
 Activity Cycle: Any
 Diet: Carnivore
 Intelligence: Average Intellingence (8-10)
 Alignment: Neutral

 No. Appearing: 1
 Armor Class: 7
 Movement: 10
 Hit Dice: 5
 THAC0: 15
 No. of Attacks: 2
 Damage/Attack: 3-9
 Special Attack: Mud Slide
 Special Defences: Mud Shield
 Magic Resistance: 75% Resistance to Water
 Size: 4' long
 Morale: Passive 6
 XP Value: 350
General Introduction: They're long serpent like creatures with small horns on their heads. They live in the mud along river banks and in the river itself. It has long fangs and a long, forked, sticky, frog like tounge. They're very passive and rarely attack without being provoked. They like people, and will rarely attack them.

Combat: They usually don't attack, but when they're provoked they are formidable fighters. They use their fangs to bite, and their horns to stab. They have a special attack called Mud Slide which they use when they're backed into a corner. It will flail its body around and splash mud everywhere and cause stones and large amounts of mud to rain from the sky.

Habitat/Society: They live in solitude or in small groups. They live in burrows under the mud, where they soak up water instead of drinking. They eat fish and plants. They mate a few times a year and the female Mudragon wraps itself around the eggs in its burrow for about 2 months while the male brings it food. They usually hatch about a dozen eggs, and the babies stay with the mother until they are 9 months old when they're around 3 feet long and can fend for themselves.

Ecology: Mudragons can both breathe under water and on land with a combination of lungs and gills. Their pourous skin absorbs water from the mud when their out of water, so they really never have to go into the water. There have been cases of Mudragons living in forests where it is very damp and never dry. They can speak, but they use their own language of clicks, hisses, and screeches. There have been cases of Mudragons learning common, but that is extremely rare with an extremely intellegent Mudragon.

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