Kender Imp

by Jesse
 Climate/Terrain: Any
 Frequency: Very Rare (4% chance)
 Organization: Solitary
 Activity Cycle: Any
 Diet: Omnivore
 Intelligence: Low Intelligence (5-7)
 Treasure: Nil.
 Alignment: Chaotic Evil

 No. Appearing: 1
 Armor Class: 0
 Movement: 16, Fl 18
 Hit Dice: 5+1
 THAC0: 17
 No. of Attacks: 2 claw, 1 bite
 Damage/Attack: 1-4 claw, 1-3 bite
 Special Attack: Taunt
 Special Defences: +1 or better weapon to hit
 Magic Resistance: Nil.
 Size: 3'-4'
 Morale: Elite (15)
 XP Value: uhhh... where's my book at?
General Introduction: Kender Imps are an eclectic mix of Kender and the small, irritating Imps of the Abyss. Many believe that they were magically cross- bred to be the most annoying creatures in Existence! They have the child-like facial features of a Kender, complete with wrinkles and pointy ears, but the body and fragile wings of an imp. They can fly and usually do, darting about to and fro in the air.

Combat: Kender Imps are tough cookies in combat, utilizing their claws (1-4) and a sharp row of teeth (1-3). Some have been seen wielding a small trident (see Weapon chart in Player's Handbook). They usually work intelligent enemies into a rage with their hellish taunts and slang terms not meant for children or the feint of heart, much like Kender do but with double the effectiveness.

Habitat/Society: They roam the upper plains of the Abysses, and do the bidding of major demons, harrassing clerics or haunting people as needed by the forces of Evil. (Rude Bunch) They feed off of anger and so do their best to tick people off!

Ecology: Kender Imps, for reasons one can guess, will not attack a Kender. This is assumed to be the mutual ancestry, although no one is sure. They are fascinating subject for Kender, and many believe that a Kender Imp will grant 3 wishes to a Kender who finds one...

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