by Thistle Nimblefoot
 Climate/Terrain: Temperate
 Frequency: Rare (11% chance)
 Organization: Hive
 Activity Cycle: Day
 Diet: Omnivore
 Intelligence: Nonintelligent (0)
 Treasure: none
 Alignment: Neutral Good

 No. Appearing: 2-20
 Armor Class: 9
 Movement: 12 (Flying)
 Hit Dice: 1/4
 THAC0: 20
 No. of Attacks: 2
 Damage/Attack: 1-5
 Special Attack: Stingshot
 Special Defences: Fire Aura
 Magic Resistance: 50%to be unaffected by fire magic
 Size: Tiny 1- 4 inches long
 Morale: Fanatical (20)
 XP Value: 400
General Introduction: Firebees are basically honeybeelike insects, except they have green and red stripes and the proboscis (the nectarsucker thingy) is covered with spiky appendages that can hold small things like needles.

Combat: Firebees won't attack unless you tick 'em off or do something dumb like sticking your head in the hive. They have large mandibles which are very painful. You must put pressure on the cut for a round or it will get infected because of bacteria in their relatively harmless poison, which takes effect after 5 minutes and leaves the victim weak for 10 minutes. They can also inject venom from a range with a "stingshot". The stinger on the abdomen is filled with venom can be shot out when the bee exerts pressure on its' abdomen, by either tensing a bunching up some muscles or by smacking itself against a hard surface. Since the stinger is made of keratin(what your fingernail's made of), it regenerates fully once a week and the bee doesn't die.

Habitat/Society: The firebee society is a basic hive system with the queen and such, but there can be multiple queens in a hive, and then they're called matriarchs. They have their own language and can carry weapons like pins and needles.

Ecology: Firebee stingers make great blowgun ammunition. Firebees can be trained to guard treasures.

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