Goose Devil

by Kenko Fumiko
 Climate/Terrain: Temperate
 Frequency: Rare (11% chance)
 Organization: Flock
 Activity Cycle: Day
 Diet: Herbivore
 Intelligence: Average Intellingence (8-10)
 Treasure: J
 Alignment: Neutral Evil

 No. Appearing: 2-24 (2D12)
 Armor Class: 8(10)
 Movement: 12
 Hit Dice: 3
 THAC0: 17
 No. of Attacks: 3 or 1
 Damage/Attack: 1-2/1-2/2-5 or (by weapon)
 Special Attack: Nil
 Special Defences: Nil
 Magic Resistance: 5%
 Size: L(7')
 Morale: Average (10)
 XP Value: 500
General Introduction: Goose Devils are the bane of Kender existence. These warped looking creatures will generally have the head and neck of a large goose with evil, glowing eyes and venom dripping from it's beak. It's body will look like that of a bugbear. Large, hairy and muscular. Goose devils reek of an acidic scent that brings tears to the eyes of anyone near it.

Combat: A goose devil will only usually fight if it knows it can win. Like when it is attacking small Kender, small animals etc. If a goose devil is fighting with 20 or more other goose devils, it will probably be fighting around a standard and gain a +1 to attack rolls. If a goose devil does not have a weapon, it will fight with claws and it's sharp beak, though 70% of goose devils will have a dagger, and a scimitar.

Habitat/Society: These creatures live in flocks of about 30 or more. For every ten male goose devils, there will be five females and ten or more children, both of 1-1 hit dice. Not much else is known about geese devils, as they prefer to keep outsiders away from the flock.

Ecology: Goose devils have a diet consisting of smaller animals such as rabbits and mice. These animals enjoy raiding Kender villages, because they enjoy bullying any near, smaller races.

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