Dire Steelhide Crocodile

by Jason D
 Climate/Terrain: Any
 Frequency: Uncommon (20% chance)
 Organization: Solitary
 Activity Cycle: Day
 Diet: Carnivore
 Intelligence: Average Intellingence (8-10)
 Treasure: Dire Steelhide Crocodile Skin
 Alignment: Chaotic Evil

 No. Appearing: 21
 Armor Class: +100
 Movement: Walk, Swim, Burrow
 Hit Dice: 1d6
 THAC0: 13
 No. of Attacks: 4
 Damage/Attack: Bite=200, Claw=50, Tail=80, Slam= 80
 Special Attack: Improved Grab, Swallow whole, Swallow en masse, co
 Special Defences: scent, regeneration, fast healing, damage reductio
 Magic Resistance: None
 Size: Awesome (1 above titanic, 2 above colossal.)
 Morale: Very high
 XP Value: 100,000
General Introduction: A dire steelhide crocodile is even more powerful than a regular steelhide crocodile. It is 200-260 feet long, and able to fit TWO fully grown T. Rex's in its mouth at a time.

Combat: Dire steelhide crocodiles will pounce on thier opponents, and can swallow en masse, allowing a bite attack to swallow up to the equivolent of 2 colossal creatures in one bite. Entire parties can be swallowed whole in just one bite! The dire steelhide crocodile also has poison, the ability to rake its opponents, the ability to constrict itsa opponents in its toes or tail (and can do this twice as well as a regular steelhide crocodile.) Dire steelhide crocodiles have a two-part gullet. The first part is the gizzard, which crushes enemies down before going into the stomach. There is also some stomach acid in the gizzard, but not nearly as much as is in the stomach. Another thing to note is that dire steelhide crocodiles will heal all CONVENTIONAL damage at the end of every turn, meaning that some other means may have to be divised in order to kill one. Once a swallowed opponent is in the esophagus, it takes 50+1d6 damage for two turns. Once in the gizzard, it takes 100+2d6 damage for 5 turns, and once in the stomach, it takes 200+3d6 damage for up to three turns. After that time, the swallowed creature will always die. Dire steelhide crocodiles can swallow: 1 titanic creature, 2 colossal creatures, 4 gargantuan creatures, 8 huge creatures, 16 large creatures, 32 medium creatures, 64 fine creatures, 128 small creatures, 256 tiny creatures, 512 dimunitive creatures, or 1024 miniscule creatures. A swallowed opponent cannot escape via the mouth or excretory tract until the dire steelhide crocodile is dead, due to muscular action. The esophagus, gizzard, and stomach of the dire steelhide crocodile are harder than rock and heal too fast to be cut, so escape via cutting is NOT an option. The dire steelhide crocodile also has poison that has a 50% chance of paralyzing an opponent for 10 turns, and always killing an opponent after 15 turns (unless it is cured.) The dire steelhide crocodile can bite or claw an opponent for poison damage.

Habitat/Society: Dire steelhide crocodiles live alone, except for mating time.

Ecology: Dire steelhide crocodiles can breathe water interchangebly with air. They can survive vast oceanic pressures, and are immune to all but the most lethal poisons and diseases. Dire steelhide crocodiles can live in subzero temperatures, if they have a good source of food. The heat and energy from thier food combined with the natural insulation of thier skin can keep them from even feeling cold until -100 degress farenheit. They can also burrow into the sand, or (for a short time), swim through molten lava.

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