The Petsuchos

by Jason D
 Climate/Terrain: Swamp
 Frequency: Very Rare (4% chance)
 Organization: Solitary
 Activity Cycle: Any
 Diet: Carnivore
 Intelligence: Godlike Intelligence (21+)
 Treasure: None
 Alignment: Neutral

 No. Appearing: 986
 Armor Class: +100
 Movement: Walk, Swim
 Hit Dice: 1d6
 No. of Attacks: 6
 Damage/Attack: Bite=1000, Claw=250, Tail=150, Constrict (in tail)
 Special Attack: Swallow Whole, Improved Grab,Constrict
 Special Defences: Scent, fast healing, regeneration.
 Magic Resistance: None
 Size: Variable, but normally Titanic (2567 feet long.)
 Morale: High
 XP Value: Very High
General Introduction: The Petsuchos is the only of his kind. He is the only sentient crocodile ever to have used magic. He did not use his magic to cast spells, but rather, turned it inward, making him grow to astonishing size. He later learned how to change his size from dimunitive to titanic. Remember, there is only ONE of him.

Combat: He uses his size to crush his opposition. Very little can hope to even think of challenging him. He can swallow almost anything whole, including 4 other (smaller) titanic creatures, 8 colossal creatures, 16 gargantuan creatures, 32 huge creatures, 64 large creatures, 128 medium creatures, 256 fine creatures, 512 small creatures, 1024 tiny creatures, 2048 dimunitive creatures, and 5096 miniscule creatures.

Habitat/Society: He spends most of the time asleep, hibernating, or in mediation. He can go for millenia without food, thanks to his magically enhanced biology, and only needs to fill his stomach with food and water every 4500 years. He lives in a cave he made himself. The cave is located underwater, and 5 miles under the ocean floor.

Ecology: He can withstand oceanic pressures (ar full size), not be hurt by magma (at full size) and even can survive orbiting the planet and reentering the atmosphere (at full size.) He is also unaffected by cold (at full size) and can never get any disease at all (at any size.)

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