Bronzeskin Crocodile

by Jason D
 Climate/Terrain: Swamp
 Frequency: Common (65% chance)
 Organization: Solitary
 Activity Cycle: Any
 Diet: Carnivore
 Intelligence: Low Intelligence (5-7)
 Treasure: Bronzeskin Crocodile hide
 Alignment: Chaotic Evil

 No. Appearing: 234
 Armor Class: +15
 Movement: Walk, Swim
 Hit Dice: 1d6
 No. of Attacks: 6
 Damage/Attack: Bite= 45, Claw=10, Tail= 25, Crush(tail)= 10, Crus
 Special Attack: Improved Grab, Swallow whole, Trample, Constrict.
 Special Defences: Fast healing, Scent.
 Magic Resistance: None
 Size: Gargantuan
 Morale: Normal
 XP Value: High
General Introduction: A Bronzeskin Crocodile is a huge beast. It can swallow whole: 1 large creature, 2 medium creatures, 4 fine creatures, 8 small creatures, 16 tiny creatures, 32 dimunitive creatures, and 64 miniscule creatures. Its skin is slightly stronger than a suit of bronze armor, and is almost as strong as iron with scar tissue.

Combat: Bronzeskin Crocodiles will try to end a fight as quickly as possible, relying on surprise rather than endurance. They will try to swallow thier opponents whole and let thier stomachs do the work. In combat, they will try to tear thier opponents to pieces with thier powerful jaws, but will also try to claw at them, hit them with thier tail, and even crush them underneath thier huge feet. They can also try to wrap thier tail around thier opponent and constrict them, or try to grab a small opponent (or a smaller size) between thier toes and attempt to crush them.

Habitat/Society: Bronzeskin Crocodiles prefer thier solitude, and will live alone.

Ecology: Bronzeskin Crocodiles heal quickly, about 1 1/2 times as fast as a human.

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